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Modern decking comes in many different species and sizes, from cost-effective Ironwood Treated Pine through to attractive hardwoods like Merbau and Spotted Gum. Wide boards and wood/plastic composites that never require oiling are also available - just ask for a sample.
  • IMPORTANT : Preparation is key for the best results when coating your deck with a quality decking oil.
  • Please read the Coating Guide and hints and tips for different timber types when it comes time to oil your deck.

Timber Tips

Prep Guide

Treated Pine

  • Long Lengths to 6m
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy To Stain
  • Readily Available
Treated Pine DeckingAvailability
Treated Pine Decking (H3 KD Micropro) 70 x 22 per LMID7022106.0, 5.4, 4.8, 3.6m
Treated Pine Decking (H3 KD Micropro) 90 x 22 per LMID9022106.0, 5.4, 4.8, 3.6m
Colourwood Decking (H3 KD) 90 x 22mm per LMEW902210In Stock


  • Attractive Hardwood
  • Long & Straight
  • Knot Free
  • Forestry Certified
Merbau Hardwood DeckingAvailability
Merbau Hardwood Decking 70 x 19 per LMMD701910Random Lengths
Merbau Hardwood Decking 90 x 19 per LMMD901910Random Lengths
Merbau Hardwood Decking 140 x 19 per LMMD1401910Random Lengths
DNA Certified Legal Timber
Verified Timber as defined by WWF
Combat illegal logging! Insist on DNA Lumber.
Prepare your Merbau before coating using
a timber conditioner to stop tannin bleed.
Stop coating adhesion & drying problems.
Especially important for Merbau Decking.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Hardwood DeckingAvailability
Spotted Gum Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 86 x 19 per LMHDSG8619In Stock
Spotted Gum Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 135 x 19 per LMHDSG13519In Stock
Spotted Gum Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 135 x 32 per LMHDSG13532Order
Spotted Gum Hardwood Deck NSW (KD C1 PR) 86 x 19 per LMHDSG8619NSWIn Stock
Sugar Gum Hardwood DeckingAvailability
Sugar Gum Hardwood Deck (AD PR) 90 x 19 per LMHDSUGAR9019To Order

Yellow Stringy

Yellow Stringybark Victorian HardwoodAvailability
Yellow Stringybark SET LENGTH Pre-Oiled (KD, FJ, PR) 85 x 20 / LMHDYS85206.0, 5.4, 4.8m Set Lengths
Yellow Stringybark Hardwood Deck (KD PR) 90 x 22 per LMHDYS9022Order
Yellow Stringybark Hardwood Deck (KD PR) 140 x 22 per LMHDYS14022Order
Yellow Stringybark Hardwood Deck (KD PR) 140 x 32 per LMHDYS14032Order
Silvertop Victorian HardwoodAvailability
Silvertop Hardwood Deck (KD PR) 90 x 22 per LMHDST9022Order
Silvertop Hardwood Deck (KD PR) 140 x 22 per LMHDST14022Order


Jarrah DeckingAvailability
Jarrah Hardwood Decking (KD PR) 65 x 20 per LMHDJR6520Order
Jarrah Hardwood Decking (KD PR) 85 x 20 per LMHDJR8520Order
Jarrah Hardwood Decking (KD PR) 130 x 20 per LMHDJR13020Order
Jarrah SET LENGTH Decking (FJ KD PR) 85 x 20 per LMHDJR8520S4.2m, 4.5m


  • Australian Cypress
  • Readily Available
  • Features Knots
Cypress Decking / ScreeningAvailability
Cypress Decking (KD PR Random) 68 x 19 per LMCY68190.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8m
Cypress Decking (KD PR Random) 90 x 19 per LMCY9019In Stock
Cypress Decking SET LENGTH (KD PR FJ) 90 x 19 / 5.4mCY901954In Stock
Cypress Pine Sawn F7 150 x 38 per LMCY15038104.8m 5.4m 6.0m

Red Ironbark

Red Ironbark DeckingAvailability
Red Ironbark Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 86 x 19 per LMHDRI8619Order
Red Ironbark Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 135 x 19 per LMHDRI13519Order
Red Ironbark Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 135 x 32 per LMHDRI13532Order
Red Ironbark Hardwood Deck (KD C1 PR) 140 x 45 per LMHDRI14045Order

Black Butt

Black Butt DeckingAvailability
Blackbutt Hardwood Decking (KD PR) 86 x 19 per LMHDBB8619Order
Blackbutt Hardwood Decking (KD PR) 130 x 19 per LMHDBB13019Order


Lunawood Decking with Hidden Fixing SystemAvailability
Lunadeck JuAn Decking (C2 KD Clips INCL) 118 x 26 per LMWFJUANDECK32125ROrder
Lunadeck Extra Clips EaWFCLIPSOrder
Lunawood Thermowood Decking is baltic pine that has been specially heat treated to make it extremely stable and durable outdoors. It is perfectly machined to give an impressive finish and to suit a specially made Hidden Fixing System. The award winning invisible click system saves up to 70% of the installation time and gives a perfect finish.

Composite Decking


  • 25 Year Warranty
  • No Oil Required
  • Fade Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistance
(no BAL rating)
TimberTech Composite Decking - Terrain Collection avail in 6m & 4.8mAvailability
TimberTech Terrain Brown Oak Composite Deck 138x23 per LMTT13823BOrder
TimberTech Terrain Silver Maple Composite Deck 138x23 per LMTT13823SOrder
TimberTech Composite Fascia - avail in 3.6mAvailability
TimberTech Terrain Brown Oak FASCIA 300x15 per LMTT30015BOrder
TimberTech Terrain Silver Maple FASCIA 300x15 per LMTT30015SOrder
TimberTech CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners - for Timber JoistsAvailability
TimberTech CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners (Aprox 9m2) / 175bxTTCL175Order
TimberTech CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners (Aprox 45m2 gun req) / 900pailTTCL900Order
TimberTech Black Hawk Hidden Fasteners - for Steel JoistsAvailability
TimberTech Black Hawk Hidden Fasteners (Aprox 10m2) / 200bxTTBH200Order
TimberTech Black Hawk Joist Tape 30mm (Aprox 18m2) / 46mTTBHTAPEOrder



  • Wood & Recycled Plastic Composite
  • Maintenance Free
  • BAL-40 Flame Shield
  • Australian Made
Modwood Composite DeckingAvailability
Modwood Composite Decking Natural Grain 88 x 23 per LMMOD88235.4m Only
Modwood Composite Decking Natural Grain 137 x 23 per LMMOD137235.4m Only
Modwood Composite ScreeningAvailability
Modwood Composite Mini Board Natural Grain 68 x 17 per LMMOD68174.8m Only
Modwood FLAMESHIELD BAL-40 Composite DeckingAvailability
Modwood Composite Decking FLAME SHIELD BAL40 137 x 23 per LMMOD13723FLAMEOrder
Kleva Klip Modwood FixingsAvailability
Klevaklip MODWOOD 88mm (9sqm) 553x60 / 40boxKKKT88GOrder
Klevaklip MODWOOD 137mm (10sqm) 568x60 / 40boxKKKT137GOrder


Oztuff Composite DeckingAvailability
OZTUFF Composite Deck Slate Grey/Mocha 150 x 25 per LMOZ150255.4m
OZTUFF Composite Decking Cocoa 135 x 25 per LMOZ135255.4m Only
OZTUFF CoExtruded Decking Walnut/Charcoal 145 x 22 per LMOZ14522Order
OZTUFF Comp SOLID Deck Slate Grey/Mocha 135 x 23 per LMOZ13523Order
Oztuff Screening & FasciaAvailability
OZTUFF Screening & Fascia Cocoa/Slate/Mocha 95 x 12 per LMOZ95125.4, 1.8m To Order
Oztuff Fixings (13 required per 5.4m length)Availability
OZTUFF WPC Starting Clips (13 per 5.4m) 20pkOZSCOrder
OZTUFF WPC Jointing Clips (13 per 5.4m) 50pkOZJCOrder

Trex Decking

  • Worlds #1 Brand
  • 25 year Fade and Stain Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • 95% Recycled Eco-friendly Material
Trex Composite Decking - Also available in 6.1m lengthsAvailability
Trex Transcend Decking Tiki Torch (Grooved) 140 x 25 / 4.88mRETREXTT48Order
Trex Transcend Decking Spiced Rum (Grooved) 140 x 25 / 4.88mRETREXSR48Order
Trex Transcend Decking Lava Rock (Grooved) 140 x 25 / 4.88mRETREXLR48Order
Trex Transcend Decking Island Mist (Grooved) 140 x 25 / 4.88mRETREXIM48Order
Trex Transcend Decking Havana Gold (Grooved) 140 x 25 / 4.88mRETREXHG48Order
Trex Transcend Decking Start Clip (Timber) 36pkRESCTOrder
Trex Transcend Decking Connector Clip (Timber) 90pkRECCT90Order

Decking In A Bushfire-prone Area